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GSP Training


The GSP truly is a wonderful animal and not only do they make good working dogs, they also make superb family pets. They are however very different from other pet breeds and need to be handled and trained with a different approach to say your average labrador or poodle for instance.

Are you fortunate enough to live with a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)? Then you know that they are extremely active dogs. They need lots of exercise. They are bold, determined, and smart, requiring a lot of attention. If you are considering becoming an owner of a GSP then you need to consider the commitment to training in order that you have happy, well behaved German Shorthaired Pointer dog that you can take out safely in public.

GSP training is pretty simple, give her praise when your puppy does something you want, and correct your puppy when she does something you don’t want. Doing this consistently will eventually train you German Shorthaired Pointer effectively. In essence, training you dog enhances to special bond you have with your dog.

Dogs are more comfortable when their owners establish themselves as the leader of the pack. This is a naturally occurring rank and you can promote it by following these teaching points. We will go over the best ways to train your German Shorthaired Pointer so you will ensure a happy and long relationship.

If you are an owner, but not a hunter, it would be important to find these alternative outlets such as obedience trialing, competition, and agility training could be considered. Training your GSP should be very much part of everyday life and is should be fun so stick with it because it really will be worth it in the end.

Please consider training your dog, whatever the breedPsychology Articles, you will have a much more enjoyable relationship with him if you train him.

By Ary Setiawati

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