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Shorthair Pointer

Shorthair Pointer

Shorthair Pointer


What is it that breeders are thinking when they breed Shorthair Pointers? It is possible that they could be considering the most handsome or beautiful dog ever to grace their kennels. On the other hand, some breeders might be considering the tasks that this particular breed may be required to do.

Sleek, graceful, and athletic the Shorthair Pointer comes in a variety of colors. These color range from liver to orange and you can find Shorthair Pointer with a number of varying patterns on their coats. They may also be lemon (shades of yellow commonly used to describe dogs) as well as black and chocolate brown. The various patterns on their coats are known as ticking and may range from small spots to large areas.

However, the Shorthair Pointer can also serve as a great watchdog. Strangers approaching the house will be greeted with a wicked bark, alerting you of their presence. If you want it to stop upon your say so, train it to do so.

This pet is highly intelligent and learns fast, so educating it is easy. It has the tendency to develop unwanted behavior, which should be dealt with at an early age. Behavioral lessons should be implemented first before teaching it any tricks. Both should begin at an early age and be consistent through out its life. In essence, the Shorthair Pointer has to be able to work in the bitter cold and to be able to work in the water. Therefore, the short, but dense and thick coat is assists with both aspects of function. This breed can function in the water, on land, and in very cold weather.

They are great pets provided you give them ample attention, plenty of exercise, and freedom to play vigorously. Problems will arise if you keep them confined without adequate exercise. If you are planning on owning Shorthair Pointer, be prepared to encourage him or her with plenty of daily activities and you will be rewarded with a loyal and trustworthy companion.

By Ary Setiawati

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