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Short Haired German Pointer


With so many different dog breeds available, how can you know which dog is right the right pet for you and your family? There are so many things to take into consideration when selecting a puppy including size, behavior, health concerns, compatibility with other pets and children, temperament and grooming requirements.

The origins of the Short Haired  German Pointer are not quite clear, but it is believed that the breed descended from the German Bird Dog, which was related to the Spanish Pointer. The  Short Haired  German Pointer was developed in Germany by crossbreeding with hounds and tracking dogs, then later the English Pointer.

These Pointers love physical activities and are long, lean, and friendly. It is not necessary to groom it often. You can bathe it only when it gets very dirty.

Short Haired  German Pointer is a highly active dog that will do best if given a job, such as hunting, tracking or acting as a watchdog. These field dogs have a very keen sense of smell and have been bred as all-purpose hunters and gun dogs. It is essential that the Short Haired  German Pointer is given plenty of exercise, preferably several times daily. The breed’s energy level is also well-manged with proper training. This intelligent breed responds well to many forms of training.

It you are thinking of getting one, they need a lot of attention and activity. They were bred to be active so need plenty of exercise to prevent them getting hyperactive and possibly destructive. It is not unheard of for under exercised Pointers to escape from their owners garden in an attempt to exercise themselves. This means they are not a breed for a family that have little time to devote the exercising the dog, or one with a small garden.

A Short Haired  German Pointer, therefore, is very good choice for people who suffer from dog allergies.

By Ary Setiawati

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