short haired german pointers

german short hair pointers

Short Haired German Pointers


The Short haired German Pointers is one of the two official breeds of German pointer recognized by the American Kennel Club. Compared to its Long-haired cousin, this breed of German pointer has a shorter coat of hair and is more popular in countries with warmer climates. Caring for the Short haired German Pointers is extremely important for this breed owners as these dogs are relatively fragile and vulnerable to illnesses given their small size as compared to other dogs.

The Short haired German Pointers was developed as a hunting dog and today he still excels in that capacity. This is a breed that is more than just a hunter, but those wanting “just a pet” would do well to remember their hunting heritage.

What is it that breeders are thinking when they breed Short haired German Pointers? It is possible that they could be considering the most handsome or beautiful dog ever to grace their kennels. On the other hand, some breeders might be considering the tasks that this particular breed may be required to do.

Many breeders started focusing on the appearance of the Short haired German Pointers, then gravitated to recognizing the importance of the breed’s function as a hunter. Both form and function involve the coat of the Short haired German Pointers, not only for its looks, but also the contribution of the coat to the hunting function. At present, it seems that breeders are in more agreement that both the form and the function of the Short haired German Pointers are important when breeding the dogs.

However, this is a breed that for those who don’t hunt can excel at agility, rally, DockDog competition, tracking, obedience and anywhere the ability to work with their owner towards a common goal is prized. This gives an outlet for that high energy drive the dog possesses. They want to be with people, working with people and learning.

Open area, a happy dog and a partnership creates a bond. On a fall morning you’re in the meadows and your Short haired German Pointers snaps to a point as he notices a bird in the grass ahead and for a moment all is right with the world. A view with a beautiful, functional dog that wants to work with YOU. Life is good!

By Ary Setiawati

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