shorthaired german pointer

german shorthaired pointer

Shorthaired German Pointer


The Shorthaired German Pointer comes from Germany where they were bred as hunting dogs. They may be a cross between the Bloodhound, Old Spanish Pointer, Hounds of St. Hubert and the German Pointer. They came to the United States in 1925. They were first registered by the American Kennel Association in 1930.

Shorthaired German Pointer is one of the few dog breeds that can work in water and rough terrains alike. This is a very versatile gun dog that can be used as a pointer, upland dog, water dog or a retriever. The dog is capable of chasing & killing even the most large and dangerous animals. The dog can be easily trained but it needs plenty of vigorous activities for its physical fitness. The Poodle is an athletic and agile dog, very popular for its water abilities. Hunters usually use them as water retrievers to fetch waterfowl out of water.

This is a dog that is as eager to hunt pheasant and waterfowl as he is raccoons. He’s an easy going dog with a heritage of German bird dogs breed to English pointers to refine and lend elegance without sacrificing the athletic abilities of the breed. One of the most specific to Shorthaired German Pointer is cone degeneration – CD. This is rare but does show up in some lines. This is a recessive genetic trait – the parents do not have to have it if they carry it genetically. This causes day blindness due to the cells in the retina is not normal in response.

They are fun loving, gentle, friendly and obedient. They are bold and possess high intelligence too. They bond well with the family and are loyal, and attached. With proper and early training, they can be wonderful household pets. They need to be trained not to be in a hunting mood; to be more affectionate and less stubborn.

However, if they do not receive the correct amount of exercise, they will take it upon themselves to be sure that they do and thus have a potentially destructive tendency. Recommended feeding for the Shorthaired German Pointer is one and a half to two and a half cans of high-quality meaty product with biscuit added in equal parts or five cupfuls of a complete, dry dog food.

By Ary Setiawati

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