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Shorthaired German Pointers


Shorthaired German Pointers  is a dog breed full of energy and requires a large amount of exercise to be able to burn it off. The best type of family for this dog breed is one that is very active and enjoys spending a large amount of time doing outdoor pursuits. However, if you are not a person who loves being outside and active, there are still many things you can do to keep your Shorthaired German Pointers happy and well engaged. As a hunting breed, the dog is naturally obedient and with early positive reinforcement training, the dog can learn just about anything and will perform many tricks

They were created by crossing the old Spanish pointers with several other breeds such as scent and tracking hounds; Foxhounds, Italian Pointers, German Tracking Hounds, German Bird Dogs and English Pointers. This mixture produced an open, lean, hunting dog with great flexibility, being capable to retrieve both fur and feather, on land and water. These dogs do very will in companion hunting as well as field trials, hunt tests, tracking trials and as show dogs.

This is an adaptable breed with keen scent senses and intelligence for any job you want to teach them. He loves an active family and requires minimal grooming to keep his short coat in condition. However, today breeders often focus on the same traits of bidibility, instincts and intelligence that allow them to excel as gun dogs along with the physical requirements to get the job done. Intelligence only goes so far if the dog isn’t willing to learn what you want to teach him!

The Shorthaired German Pointers club of America still values those dogs that can get the national championships in field trials as well as conformation. Indeed a large portion of the site is on field trials, hunting tests, gun dog information, versatility dogs and, of course, show dogs.

The breed makes an excellent watchdog, but also suffers from severe separation anxiety when left alone too much. The dog is strong-willed and has a mind of its own which is tempered by a dependable and steady nature. Once you have given much thought to everything entailed in owning a dog of this breed, only then can you determine if a Shorthaired German Pointers would be right for your family.

By Ary Setiawati

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