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Pointing Dogs

Pointing Dogs


Are you trying to find out how to train a Pointing dogs? The Pointing dogs, a gun dog, is a breed heavily favored by huntsmen.

A gun dog, also known as a bird dog, is a type of working dog used by hunters. Their job is to assist the hunter by finding and retrieving game, usually some type of fowl. There are three types of gun dog: pointing dogs, flushing dogs and retriever dogs. Each is trained to assist the hunter in a different way. There are even a number of dog breeds developed specifically for pointing or retrieving. The Golden Retriever and English Pointer are common examples.

However, the difference between a pointing dogs, flushing dog and retriever dog makes them appropriate for hunting different types of game, in different settings. However, personal preference of the hunter is also a factor in which should be used.

They have muscular limbs and long legs, obviously, built for running and agility. Their thick brows, beards and moustaches give them their distinctive handsome looks. This breed also, have rounded feet with webbed toes ideal for swimming.

However, As every hunter knows, pointing dogs cover longer distances and range than other gun dogs. For this reason, many hunters who have pointing dogs use dog tracking collars. While these collars cannot be used during the course of hunting competitions, the transmitters can be put on the dog for hunting competitions so that you can track your dog once the competition is over to make sure he does not get lost.

The gun dog likes pointing dogs is the hunter’s best friend. Bred to retrieve game, flush out prey, and in some cases even bring down game themselves, gun dogs are ideal hunting companions. If you are planning on owning an Pointer dog, be prepared to encourage him or her with plenty of daily activities and you will be rewarded with a loyal and trustworthy companion.

By Ary Setiawati

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