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About Ary Setiawati

ary setiawati

Hi, hello everyone! Welcome to my site.

I’m Ary Setiawati from Indonesia, the two season country in coast Asia with more than ten thousand islands.

I’m really a dog’s lover. All kinds! But especially the German Pointer. More than one year ago, I’m starting to adopt these dog breeds into my house. Start from one female German Shorthaired Pointer two months old, than two, three and more… I really like it. They have very special character. I love them all…

Especially in my country, this dog was not popular yet. So, I would like to socialize this breed more and more. I would guide you to know more about German Pointer and you can see some adventuring, funny and best photos of my dogs and all information, story and related matters about this dog.

I’m confident you will find my website helpful !