german wirehair pointer

german wirehair pointers

German Wirehair Pointer

German Wirehair Pointer

German Wirehair Pointer


In Germany, the German Wirehair Pointer is the most popular dog. It was however only formally recognized during the 1920s. German Wirehair Pointer is a very clever, lively and affectionate breed. They like to have a job to do, and without enough exercise they can become bored and difficult to handle. It is imperative for these dogs to be kept busy or to be occupied with outdoor activities. The puppies of this breed are full of energy and very rambunctious.

As a hunting breed, the dog is naturally obedient and with early positive reinforcement training, the dog can learn just about anything and will perform many tricks. If you consider yourself to be an outdoor lover, then keeping your German Wirehair Pointer exercised should not be difficult at all. Though the dog is a hunting breed, if given the chance to spend a great deal of time outdoors they will be very happy.

However, the obedience of a German Wirehair Pointer makes it easy to teach the dog to do a great deal of tricks with relative ease. With consistency, the dog will be ready to perform several tricks in no time at all. Because of the dog’s hunting background, retrieving is a good place to begin teaching the dog.

Throughout the war, the breed was even used as a Red Cross dog and they were also used partially as messenger dogs, too. So they certainly had a wide range of purposes throughout the war period. As time went on, various breeders started to experiment with the German Wirehair Pointer and a newer version of the breed was developed.

These days the German Wirehair Pointer is mainly a companion dog but it is also widely used as a police dog and a guarding dog, too. Its temperament has changed over the years, though it still has a fantastic working instinct. Once you have given much thought to everything entailed in owning a dog of this breed, only then can you determine if a German Wirehair Pointer would be right for your family.

By Ary Setiawati

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