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Shorthaired Pointers

Shorthaired Pointers

Shorthaired Pointers


Have you ever wondered which dog breeds are the most popular in hunting activities? This article will briefly present the most popular hunting dogs used by millions of hunters from all corners of the world. Several breeds of hunting dogs are collectively called hound dogs. The reason why these dogs are used for hunting is that they are strong, very fast, top-notch eye sights and a very developed sense of smell.

Shorthaired Pointers is one of the few dog breeds that can work in water and rough terrains alike. This is a very versatile gun dog that can be used as a pointer, upland dog, water dog or a retriever. The dog is capable of chasing & killing even the most large and dangerous animals. The dog can be easily trained but it needs plenty of vigorous activities for its physical fitness.

The temperament of this breed suits both positions, as it has been endowed with a good nose, greater than average trainability, a gentle manner, and a well-developed protective instinct. However, Shorthaired Pointers can stand anywhere between twenty-one and twenty-five inches tall, categorizing him as a medium breed. Adults typically weigh anywhere from forty-five to seventy pounds and the female Pointer is usually a little bit shorter and slightly lighter than the male.

In essence, the Shorthaired Pointers has to be able to work in the bitter cold and to be able to work in the water. Therefore, the short, but dense and thick coat is assists with both aspects of function. This breed can function in the water, on land, and in very cold weather. It was bred to be a hunting dog but also a family dog, so it is usually easily trained as well as playful and friendly. They are also a very intelligent breed, so training usually comes naturally to them and make perfect gun dogs.

By Ary Setiawati

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