dog leash training

leash training a dog

Dog Leash Training

Dog Leash Training

Dog Leash Training


How to Do Proper Dog Leash training

Leashes are wonderful things for dogs. Leashes mean getting to go out of the house and yard to all sorts of interesting places. Leashes mean enjoying the outside world, protected from myriad dangers. With a little dog leash training, your dog will happily greet the sight of the leash, and walk along on it easily without pulling. When the dog is ready for dog leash training, attach a leash to the collar and allow the dog time to adjust to the leash. Allot a few minutes every day to for dog leash training with your puppy and have some treats handy. Your goal is to be able to walk around with your dog on a leash without him pulling at the other end. This is how to do proper dog leash training

Dog Leash Training – Advice from expert

–          Be patient. Dogs, like people, learn at different rates. Some dogs can learn in month, some in weeks, depend on how you do your dog leash training.

–          Young dogs usually take well to wearing a collar and leash, though temperament and energy level can influence how quickly they learn.

–          Some breeds require more training, such as Beagles and Dachshunds, you should be patient for it.

–          The older your dog is, they need more times to complete your dog leash training.

Dog leash training – How to

1.      Begin by placing the collar and leash on your dog while he eats, letting the leash hang loosely by his side. This will make your dog leash training easier.

2.      After two or three days, take the leash in your hand and follow him around the house for a few minutes after he’s eaten. Do this for longer and longer periods. Do it continuously until become habit.

3.      Next, go outside and let your dog drag the leash around, occasionally picking up the leash and following him.

4.      While walking, hold the leash in your right hand and coax your dog along your left side by holding a treat in your left hand. As you walk, repeat and says, “Let’s go!” Praise your dog while he did well.

5.      If your dog starts to pull forward, do a clockwise turn and walk in another direction; the leash will pull his head to the side so he’ll have to hurry to catch up with you.

When you get used to this handling after do dog leash training, it’s very good-natured and happy on your part, and the dog has a great time, too. You’ll always need to react to a tight leash with some sort of change in direction for the life of the dog, but it becomes second nature. You won’t look foolish to the neighbors, you’ll look fantastic.

By Ary Setiawati

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