buy german shorthaired pointer

buy a german shorthaired pointer

Buy German Shorthaired Pointer

buy german shorthaired pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is well-balanced, symmetrical, athletic and lean. The development of the breed began in the 1870s when hunting in Germany was no longer restricted to the nobility. Original crosses included descendants of the old Spanish Pointer, English Foxhound and local German tracking hounds. Before buy german shorthaired pointer, you must know that this breed, known as the Kurzhaar in Germany, featured superior scenting abilities, endurance, agility, and intelligence. By the early 1900s the breed was officially recognized by the various kennel clubs and the breed soon gained popularity as a true gundog on this continent as well. The first club that recognize this dog as a sporting group of dog.

When you are about to buy german shorthaired pointer, there are things you need to pay attention for before buy german shorthaired pointer:

1.      Why do you buy german shorthaired pointer? This question is very important to you, because this decide your motivation to breed and treat your german shorthaired pointer.

2.      You have to Know your own breed, because breeding is very important for you (your manner to your dog). There are law about violence on animals in some country.

3.      Consider the condition around your house. Usually kids or children afraid of dog, because german shorthaired pointer is big and sometimes scary. But if you are friendly enough with german shorthaired pointer, it will be very cute to watch your dog’s manner everyday.

4.      Before buy german shorthaired pointer, consider that treat a dog need a lot of money, from their cage, food, health, and sometimes an accessorize or dress.

5.      There are 7 classification you need to choose before buy german shorthaired pointer:
- AKC: Sporting Group
- ANKC: Group 3 - Gundogs
- CKC: Group 1 - Sporting Dogs
- FCI: Group 7; Section 1 - Continental Pointing Dog
- KC: Gundog Group
- NZKC: Gundog
- UKC: Gun Dog

You need to choose what types of classification you are about to buy before buy german shorthaired pointer. Choose them wisely, so there are no regret after buy german shorthaired pointer.

By Ary Setiawati

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