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Breeding Dogs

Breeding Dogs

breeding dogs

Before buying a dog for you, you need to consider about breeding dogs, because breedings dog is very important, for example, you must treat your dog well as well as baby, and you mustn’t do violence to your dog no matter what, because it will pity them:

1.      Before breeding dogs, you need to give your dog a joy, not sorrow. Do not let your love for your dog make you blind to your obligation to others. Your dog may be healthy, but may still pass on serious genetic disease. Do what you can to avoid causing heartache, and Do not breed your dog if you have no information on the health and fitness of both the parents of your dog, and its prospective mate. You need more than a single generation to make a good decision.

2.      To be a good breeding dogs, don’t breed a very young dog. Mere physical ability to bear puppies is not enough. The dog needs to be completely physically and mentally mature. In most breeds that means at least two years old. Because when dog is still puppies, they need their mother, it is pity if they are sold before time.

3.      Take care of its cage / shelter. You need to give your dog enough space to move, so they will not suffocate inside the cage. Beside the quality from the cage itself is very important, there mustn’t any leaked chemical matter that will danger your dog’s health. This is the point from breeding dogs.

Beside, when you are about to sell your dog / puppies, there are some things need to be attention for:

1.      Never sell without a written contract. Make sure the contract is clear to both of you before breeding dogs. Make sure the contract is fair to both of you. Think about it from both sides – the seller and the buyer, and always keep in mind the best interests of the dogs.

2.      Make sure the buyer has an opportunity before breeding dogs to review the contract without feeling pressure. Send it to them in advance, or otherwise insist that they review it before they commit to taking a puppy home. Ask them to write down any questions or concerns so you can go over them together. That protects both of you. You want the person to understand both their rights and their obligations.

3.      Don’t expect the buyer to read the contract on their own even if you do give it to them in advance. Go over the most important provisions with them, and have them initial that location in the contract. Try your best to make the buyer feel comfortable about asking questions.

By Ary Setiawati

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