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It’s not usually a good idea to buy the first dog you see from the first breeder you visit. The expertise of dog breeders is about as varied as the breeds of dogs themselves. By following a basic plan you will be able to find a healthy, happy dog.

If you know how and where to look for the right information then finding good pointer breeders should not be that difficult. Remember that you want to find more than one so you can compare before you commit to buying from one.

If you do not already have a vet then the process of looking for a breeder is the best time to decide on a vet. Your vet will be a wealth of information for you and your pet regarding your pet’s health and well being so be sure to maximize this resource. Your vet would be more than happy to sit down with you and give you any¬† pointer breeders referrals they may have.

There is a lot of additional information that is important for you to know as well. Some dog pointer breeders don’t actually do the breeding themselves, but buy their animals from other areas. You should stick with a pointer breeders that breeds and raises the pups on site. The reason for this is because you can better determine if this puppy was raised in a clean environment. Without examining its place of birth you have no idea what sort of environment it was raised in. Puppies can end up with mental or physical deficiencies if brought up in a cruel or unkempt environment.

However, pointer breeders often take great pride in their dogs, so be sure to ask a lot of questions, including asking if you can see the breeder’s certification. Many pointer breeders try to pass off that they’re registered, but they may not always be. Also ask about your dogs history, knowing about a dog’s parents and grandparents will give you a better idea of your own dog.

Finding the perfect dog can be a long and tedious process, but with a little preparation, education and effort it’s possible to obtain a quality animal that you will be proud to own.

By Ary Setiawati

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