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While there are many things to consider when you have decided to bring home a new dog, the first thing you have to pick is which breed is right for you. With that in mind, here are a few things to think about when selecting which breed is best for you and your home.

There are a variety of breeds used in hunting, but the English Pointer breed  was known for finding game, stopping, and pointing it out by use of its muzzle. The hunter would then know where to shoot his target and the hunter and English Pointer breed would go about their day, happy with their bounty.

This Pointer breed is a fairly healthy breed, but they can have problems with disorders such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, entropion and skin disorders. Most dogs with droopy ears struggle with ear infections, and regular cleaning of the ears are therefore necessary. This breed can without difficulty gain weight if not exercised. They will need a lot of food when worked, but should not be overstuffed. If left overweight, these dogs are prone to injury when having to work and exercise.

Sleek, graceful, and athletic the English Pointer breed comes in a variety of colors. These color range from liver to orange and you can find English Pointers with a number of varying patterns on their coats. They may also be lemon (shades of yellow commonly used to describe dogs) as well as black and chocolate brown. The various patterns on their coats are known as ticking and may range from small spots to large areas.

English Pointer breed is a dog breed full of energy and requires a large amount of exercise to be able to burn it off. The best type of family for this dog breed is one that is very active and enjoys spending a large amount of time doing outdoor pursuits.

If you are planning on owning an English Pointer breed , be prepared to encourage him or her with plenty of daily activities and you will be rewarded with a loyal and trustworthy companion.

By Ary Setiawati

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