german shorthair pointers

german shorthaired pointer

German Shorthair Pointers


The German Shorthair Pointers is a human family oriented and hunter dog. They need quite a bit of exercise and are just as willing to hunt as they are to play games in the yard. They can tend to roam and they are known as escape artists so a properly fenced in yard for exercise is ideal.

This is an adaptable breed with keen scent senses and intelligence for any job you want to teach them. He loves an active family and requires minimal grooming to keep his short coat in condition.

The German Shorthair Pointers also makes a great pet for any type of person or family. Aside from chasing wild prey it also enjoys chasing people, in a playful manner. Very energetic and loves outdoor activities, making it good for all kinds of physical activities such as hiking, jogging, or exploring. Wandering around places and sniffing things out is something that it will like very much, but remember to keep it under close supervision with a leash to prevent to from wandering off too far by itself.

However, there are numerous color combinations in the German Shorthair Pointers. If an owner wants to “show” the dog, the dog’s coat must be liver or liver and white in color if it is entered in specific dog breed conformation trials. In the other side, some dogs of this breed may be or include orange, lemon, roan , red or black. The head is usually a solid color while the body may by speckled or patched with colors. The dogs of other coloring can enter other “show” competition events. No matter the color, the short, flat coat of the German Shorthair Pointers is important for obedience trials.

This is a breed that for those who don’t hunt can excel at agility, rally, DockDog competition, tracking, obedience and anywhere the ability to work with their owner towards a common goal is prized. This gives an outlet for that high energy drive the dog possesses. They want to be with people, working with people and learning.

This breed of dog will make an outstanding pet for the outdoor man and people looking for a good guard dog.

By Ary Setiawati

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