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German Pointer Breeders

German Pointer Breeders

German Pointer Breeders


Having German pointer sure is fun, beside they are friendly with children, they are has very good ability at tracking. Before knowing how to become German pointer breeders, you need to know the history from the German pointer itself. German Pointers were known as early as the 17th century where they were developed as a hunting dog. It is said that the German Pointer was produced by crossing the Spanish Pointer with the native scent hounds of the time. Some are thought to believe it was a Bloodhound they were crossed with, but in fact “bloodhound” back then was simply a term to describe a dog that tracks a blood trail. How to become German pointer breeders?

1.      To become German pointer breeders, you will therefore enjoy going for country walks, in places where the German pointer may fulfill his hunting instincts without being a nuisance to the owner of the land. Not everyone wants a GSP running along a hedge hunting rabbits and birds and, in woods, there may be deer, whose strong scent and fast run attract the dog’s attention. It is not considered good behavior to have a dog that chases deer. This is the first things you have to know before become German pointer breeders.

2.      As a German pointer breeders will have the motivation to train the dog and work with it hunting out game. Training can be very interesting and enjoyable for both owner and dog. A trained dog is a happy dog! You can come to any club like Akc to train them, have other people teach you how to train your German dog, also they can teach you about manner and regulations to become good German pointer breeders.

3.      The breed is noted for enjoying the company of children and being a nice family dog. However, the children need to be taught respect for the dog when eating and sleeping. The German pointer is not primarily a child’s pet, I am surprised at how many people say that is why they want one. This dog is a designed dog for hunting. It therefore follows that it is not a suitable breed for a small child to take for walks, unaccompanied by an adult or their German pointer breeders.

Become a German pointer breeders are not easy as you think, they need a lot of time and money to take care of. That 3 points maybe isn’t enough for you if you want to become excellent German pointer breeders, you need to search for tutorials on the club you’ve joined, or search on the net. Beside, asking to other experienced German pointer breeders maybe an option for you too.

By Ary Setiawati

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