english pointer dogs

english pointer dog

English Pointer Dogs

English Pointer Dogs

English Pointer Dogs


English pointer dogs were developed in England although its lineage can be traced back to a number of European sporting breeds. These European breeds were too slow and various other breeds such as the Greyhound and Setters may have been introduced to improve the speed and stamina. English pointer dog become famous sporting dog at that time. English pointer dogs also usually accompany a hunter when they are hunting. Hunter use English pointer dogs to track other animals.

English pointer dogs are muscular, with short coats. They may be white, liver, lemon, black, or orange, and they may be solid, patched, speckled, or tri-colored. Ears are mid-length and pendant-shaped. Eyes are hazel or chestnut, and the tail is long, straight and tapering. This is the characteristic from the English pointer dogs.   English pointer dogs are friendly with humans, including children and strangers. They may be timid if not socialized properly. They are usually well behaved with other pets, including dogs. English pointer dogs also win the national show.

English pointer dogs are not overtly territorial therefore they make adjustments easily. They are also happiest when included in the family and allowed to live indoors. English pointer dogs are friendly with people, usually with the children. English pointers should live for 11 to 14 years and the most serious common health concern is hip dysplasia. Less common disorders include: thyroid problems, skin conditions and eye diseases (progressive retinal atrophy). Before buying, you need to check the English pointer dogs health, because of course you don’t want to have a sick dog.

English pointer dogs are great pets provided you give them ample attention, plenty of exercise, and freedom to play vigorously. Problems will arise if you keep them confined without adequate exercise. If you are planning on owning an English Pointer dogs, be prepared to encourage him or her with plenty of daily activities and you will be rewarded with a loyal and trustworthy companion.

By Ary Setiawati

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