dog training pointers

pointer dog training

Dog Training Pointers

Dog Training Pointers

Dog Training Pointers


Pointer is a wonderful dogs, Pointer usually use for hunting, many hunters like pointer to be their friends at hunting. That’s why dog training pointer is very important parts when you are about to have, or you are having a pointer type dog.

Dog training pointer – 6 steps to train your pointer

1.      Teaching your pointer in the basic obedience commands from the time he is a puppy since it will be lighter to get him to listen. Start to train him basic commands such as sit, stay and heel.

2.      Teach your pointer to come when called. The best way to do this is to tie a lead to your pointer and call her while gently pulling on her lead. Reward them with food or just praise them to make feel comfort when they do dog training pointer

3.      Instruct your pointer on how to walk beside you instead of in front. This training is easy, maybe you just need to give choked collar to your dog. This way, will make sure that your dog is stay by your side when they are hunt with you.

4.      Take your pointer out into the field to pick up the scent of pheasants or geese. When they catch something, don’t let him chase the prey, instead of teaching their natural instinct is very important parts in the pointer breed.

5.      Play fetch with your pointer to teach him how to retrieve waterfowl. Rub the scent of a deceased duck onto a decoy and throw it. This is one of the important parts of dog training pointer.

6.      Expose your pointer to the voice of a gun by taking her with you to shoot blanks. When she gets accustomed to the gunfire, use a teammate to throw up decoys while you shoot them.

Doing dog training pointer is much easier if you are patience, and you need to discipline your dog. Do the lesson at least once every two days. This way your dog will learn much faster to do your dog training pointer programs.

By Ary Setiawati

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